2019: Our Year in Review! (Hello 2020!)

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Happy new year everyone! 

As the new decade starts and during our time away, we got to reflect a lot on our journey so far with Beginning Film and thought, "hey why don't we write a blog post about it!?". So here we are, at the start of 2020, looking back at our year in 2019!! 

2019 - The year of many "Firsts"!

2019 was the second year since we started Beginning Film, but it was the year of many "Firsts"! We started our Instagram account in early 2018 and by 2019, we couldn't believe we were connecting with close to 5000 of you online on a daily basis! We knew the community was there, so at the start of 2019, we were determined to do things a bit differently than the year before. 

The start of "First Roll With" 

The idea of "First Roll With" came to us when we were organising all the stored files of our "test rolls" with film cameras. We had an archive of samples images from a bunch of cameras we've tested in the past and thoughts to share, but they all end up deep in the hard drive.

"What if we shared these on our blog?!!" we thought! But in a way that was visually focused, rather than spending a lot of time on writing the perfect paragraphs and using big words (We knew we weren't great writers haha). We thought it was a genius idea to expand and share our archive of test rolls with our audience, while we also welcomed all levels of film shooters to submit and giving everyone a platform to share their experiences and perspectives!

Check out all the "First Roll With" blog posts we have so far HERE!

First Photowalk - Then 4 More!

Hands down the favourite part of our year has been hosting photowalks -- FIVE in total!! The highlight for us was definitely being able to meet so many of you from our local Sydney film community and all the banter, laughs, memories we got to share with you all. If you haven't joined one yet, we highly recommend you do come for the next! It's seriously fun. 

These photowalks wouldn't have been possible without the help and support from the following amazing co-hosts/friends we got to know this year:

You can keep up to date on future events HERE! Or simply follow us on IG for all latest updates HERE!

Bendt Magazine First Edition Feature


When Jo & Aaron first reached out to us on IG in 2018 for an interview for their independent magazine, we said "hell yea!!". We are very grateful to have been part of their journey and super proud of their successful first edition magazine launch! Just take a look at this video here

We talked a whole bunch and you can get a copy to read about it on their website HERE!

Reaching 10K on IG!

We missed the opportunity to do this "Top 9" collage at the end of year, so we're doing one here! But seriously, 10K is a HUGE milestone for us - thank you to everyone that has supported us for the past 2 years and for joining us in this journey! We are really, really thankful and cannot wait to give more in this new year!

2020 - What Now?

We've just come back from our holiday break, so honestly we haven't planned that far! BUT - we are working hard on something we've always wanted to offer to the community ---- Our first Black & White Developing and Print Workshop will be coming soon this late January - Feb. The location will be in western Sydney (to be announced soon too!).

We will have the exact dates and details ready to be announced to those that previously registered interest for the workshop, via email! If you still wish to register for interest, please send us an email at beginningfilm.au@gmail.com with title "Interest for B&W Dev Workshop" and simply include your full name! 


Thanks for the awesome 2019, we know 2020 will be an even greater one! 


Beginning Film

Janie & Freddie 


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